Following the rapidly increased need for intervention on gas meters, Enimex S.A. established 5 years ago its Calibration and Maintenance Laboratory in order to cover all the necessary activities on Gas Meters technology.

Now, ENIMEX’s Gas Meter Calibration Laboratory is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 – which is the highest recognition of a calibration laboratory and proves its technical capability in performing specific calibrations – by ESYD, with accreditation number 298.

ENIMEX Calibration Laboratory is the only gas meter accredited laboratory in Greece and a full staff of trained and certified technicians can provide quality and efficiency.

Laboratory capabilities:
• Calibration range : 0 – 1000 m3/h
• Certified accuracy : ± 0.25%
• Medium : Air at atmospheric pressure
• Meter types : Diaphragm, Rotary and Turbine

The services included are:
• Assessment of meter performance
• Gas meter repair
• Meter recalibration
• Sale of new or used gas meter
• Sale of accessories related to gas measurement

• NMi (The Netherlands)
• PTB (Germany)
• ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System S.A.)