Insulating Joints

Insulating Flanges

Brass Insulating Joint


Insulating Tape for Anti-Corrosion Protection

Insulating Tape for Mechanical Protection

Pipe Roller

Heat Shrinkable Insulating Tape

Epoxy primer

Three Layer Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

Melt Stick

Mastic Filler

Repair Patch

Holiday Detector

Test Point Boxes

Magnesium Alloy Anodes in Bag with Backfill

Silicon-Iron Alloy Anodes in canister with coke

Titanium anodes chain

Permanent Reference Electrodes

Portable Reference Electrodes

Spark Gap

Connection Cable of Copper with Steel Plate


“PIN BRAZING” consumables

Transformer rectifier in galvanized cabinet

Note: the prices in the catalog are applicable only for the Greek market and shall not obligate NGS. In order to get a quotation for specific product, for the Israeli market, please contact us