Natural Gas and Renewable Energy Solutions

Natural Gas Supplies (NGS) operates in the fields of Natural Gas, Renewable Energies and Waste Treatment by:

  • Exclusive Representation of companies that provide a wide range of related products, equipment, engineering, construction and inspection services.
  • Entrepreneurship with its business partners in projects of Renewable Energy and Waste Treatment plants, mainly in Israel, Greece, Cyprus and Balkans.

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    We offer through our partners a comprehensive range of services for natural gas, renewable energy and environmental projects, from engineering to commissioning.


    • Petroleum installations
    • Petrochemical and chemical facilities
    • Petroleum and natural gas pipelines
      and associated facilities
    • Energy production and energy-saving facilities
    • Power and cogeneration
    • Industrial waste water treatment
    • Environmental, safety and ecological studies and engineering
    • Fertilizer and biodiesel plants
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    • Certified contractors of energy related projects
    • Liquid fuel and natural gas transportation infrastructure
    • Storage and distribution, collection, treatment and exploitation of biogas
    • Maintenance and anti – corrosion protection of natural gas network
    • Port works and undersea installations
    • Hydraulic – sewage – irrigation
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    • Third Party Inspection & Certification
    • Shop and Field Inspection
    • Industrial manufacturing Natural
    • Gas Components (pipelines, valves station, metering station, compressor stations)
    • Power plants & Refineries
    • Lifting equipment
    • Pressure equipment
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    NGS with its business partners are pursuing Natural Gas, Renewable Energy and Waste Treatment Projects mainly in Israel, Greece, Cyprus and Balkans. NGS is providing among other:

    • Identifying Projects opportunities in those areas
    • Cooperating with potential investors and contractors
    • Assisting in formation of consortiums for the projects implementation
    • Participating in tenders and preparation of proposals
    • Assisting in working with regulatory bodies