ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. is a Third Party Inspection & Certification Company, operating principally in Greece, Cyprus and Balkans and in other countries where its services are needed.

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. cooperates with “SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES Group of Companies”, embodying the same core principles, values and provided services.

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. is based in Thessaloniki and Athens.

The Company is an accredited body by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. with accreditation certificate No 783/ESYD, under the terms of ISO/IEC 17020 as a Type A Inspection Body in fields such as lifts, lifting equipment, pressure equipment, steam boilers, steel construction, pipes and piping, welding etc.

The Company is also a Notify Body NB 2421 as a Type A Inspection Body in accordance with European Council Directive 2014/33/EU for Lifts and very soon with 2014/68/EU for Pressure Equipment (PED).

ERGOCERT HELLAS S.A. provides a range of Industrial Services including, but not limited, the following:

  • Shop and Field Inspection Services
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Natural Gas Components (pipelines, valves station, metering station, compressor stations)
  • Power plants & Refineries

The Official Scope of Accreditation of the company contains:

  1. Lifts
  2. Lifting equipment
  3. Pressure vessels
  4. L.P.G. tanks
  5. Air reservoirs
  6. Steam boilers
  7. Steam generators
  8. Steam vessels
  9. Security valves
  10. Pipes-Pipes system (for fuels)