PE Pipe for Gas PN10

Elbow 90°, PN16

Elbow 45°, PN16

Elbow 30°, PN16

Adjustable Elbow 0-24°, PN16

Adjustable Elbow 0-12°, PN16

Formed Bend 22°, PN16

Formed Bend 11°, PN16

Stubend, PN16

Steel Flange with PPr coating, PN16

Tee, PN16

Cap, PN16

Electrofusion Coupler, PN16

Reducer, PN16

Reduced Tee, PN16

Pe Valves, PN16

Key for PE Valve

Spheroconical Transition PE-METAL

Electrofusion Elbow 180°, PN16

Electrofusion Transition PE/BRASS, PN16, male

Electrofusion Transition PE/BRASS, PN16, female

Transition fitting PE/BRASS, PN16, male

Transition fitting PE/BRASS, PN16, female

Transition PE/STEEL, PN16, welded ends

Transition PE/STEEL, PN16, male 90°

Transition fitting PE/COPPER, PN16

Brass Compression Fitting for PE Pipes, male

Tapping Tee Saddle, PN16

Tapping Tee Saddle with Gas Stop, PN16

Gas Stop

Repair Clamps for PE Pipes

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